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I would say this is more like Emler Batters' style of photography. So when you shoot this kind of pictures with slutty Dolores most of guys could be sure they would get laid. And so was in my case. When we finished shooting she noticed I paid a lot of attention to her meaty size 6 feet and she asked: "Would you like to kiss them while fucking me real hard"? "I would love that" I replied and so it happened. At the end I took one stocking off her leg and started kissing her bare foot while keeping the other stocking on. I only wish my assistant was there to document the whole thing on video.


We haven't seen this beauty for a while but there she finally is, Erica Sanchez, absolutely hot with amazing kissable feet encased in sexy seamed nylons. Can you see how glossy her oiled legs are?


Strong legs, kissable meaty feet and 7 denier nylons with subtle RHT. Her name is Isabell


Even more sexy black RHT nylons. New girl Silvia was born with amazing legs that look so incredibly hot in this kind of vintage hose


Oh another new model, pin-up loving Ginger. You should see her collection of vintage nylons...real impressive. For this photo set she picked up classic pair of black RHTs


New model Juana oiled her legs before putting on vintage seamed of these very very hard to find nowadays. Her nyloned legs shine so beautifully in the spotlights.


New video added. Cute Tina is wearing absolutely rare and obviously vintage Fully Fashioned nylons with transparent reinforcements and foot outlines. And she's been wearing them for the past 3 days. That day she went shopping in her sexy stockings where she spent the entire day. When she returned home her nyloned feet were slightly dirty but you can only imagine how smelly her feet were. The video is mainly focused on her foot play. MP4, 08.22min, 1280 x 720


Miss Jenna comes back to give you another fantastic leg show. If you like long strong legs encased in black Fully Fashioned nylons this gallery is just for you


That day Laura was working as a hostess at car trades. When she came back home I was waiting for her at her place with my camera ready. I guess she didn't expect me :-) When she took her clothes off that's what I saw. She was wearing no panties, just sexy garter belt and a pair of black stockings


After a few years we have amazing Andera back on site. Well, this girl certainly is getting hotter and hotter each year. Her legs simply asked for a pair of sexy 10 denier Fully Fashioned nylons.


Our cute April is wearing one of the most unusual nylons we've ever come across. These are so vintage, extremely rare and Fully Fasioned. However instead of foot reinforcements they have interesting stripes running all the way from welt to toes. April looks simply stunning wearing them


One of the most beautiful girls on nylonglamour Kim and her vintage Fully Fashioned nylons


New model leggy Laura. This classy redhead is wearing 100% nylon pantyhose with toe reinforcements in sexy shade of navy matching her dress. Women all over Europe used to wear these beauties in the 90's for everyday


Clarisa part 2


You already know beautiful Clarisa from our pantyhose section. Today this cutie is focusing on a new pair of sexy black nylons. You will also see her putting on equally sexy pair of seamed sandalfoot nylons. Part 1


New model Ruth. This gorgeous redhead is wearing very rare original nylons from the 70's, they have a huge toe reinforcements that go underneath her feet. She's very exceptional as she loves retro and wearing nylons for special occasions.


Gorgeous MILF Zara has recently bought a lovely pair of tan sandalfoot nylons. As she's going for an evening party she still can't decide if she should keep on the black seamed pair or put on the new stockings.


New video added. Aida for the first time in action. This hot brunette in beautifully presenting her nyloned legs, in particular foot reinforcements. Her feet are meaty, wrinkled and so kissable.


Classy and irresistable April returns to tease you with her vintage rare Fully Fashioned nylons


We give you new model Ariel. This gallery is mainly about her nyloned hands so if you like black whispery sheer nylon on the hands of a beautiful brunette you'll love it!

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